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Father's Day Discussion




Challenges Face By Women in Business


We recognize Women's History Month is in March, but we are women 365 days a year and deserve to be celebrated as such! With that in mind, we wanted to host a conversation with women in our community who are absolute gems that are living history. We wanted to put a face and name to these voices that impact us and our community experiences every day! While these are but a few of the very many seen and unseen women leaders in our community, our intention is to encourage each of us to notice and acknowledge all of the women in our lives. It is important that we honor them, see them, support them and make room for them. We invite you to listen to our conversation. Lean into the similarities between your story and theirs. Lean into the differences as well—as differences bring unique and interesting perspectives that add spice to our lives. We hope you enjoy this conversation amongst sisters, all striving to leave their worlds—this world—better than how they found it.

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