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Self-Serve Wine

GRNoir Self-Serve Wine in Grand Rapids

Self-Serve, Sip, Savor!

You can now pour yourself a drink while dining out in Michigan! GRNoir is excited to offer self-serve wines on tap. Head into downtown Grand Rapids for a fun night of live jazz, conversation and wines on tap or by the bottle! 


How to Use Our Self-Dispensing Wine Machines

  1. Insert card into slot
  2. Place glass under spout
  3. Wait for light to appear
  4. Push button to dispense 2, 3 or 5oz pours
  5. Remove card after glass is filled


Take Your Wine Into the Downtown GR Social Zone

Did you know GRNoir participates in the Grand Rapids Social Zone? Take advantage of the beautiful city by grabbing wine to go! Ask your server on your way out from dining with us or simply stop in, fill up at the self-serve station and head out to enjoy your day.



Be Automatically Enrolled in Our New Loyalty Program!

When you purchase a self-serve wine card from GRNoir, you automatically become part of our NEW loyalty program! For every $1 spent, you will receive 1 "pour point." Reach 500 "pour points" and receive $10 off your next visit! 



Can I consume as much wine as I want?

Per the state of Michigan regulations, you may consume no more than 96 ounces of wine per visit (equal to about 8 standard 12oz glasses). You may dispense 2, 3 and 5oz pours. Our staff may cut off a guest's consumption at any point under our own discretion. 

I've reached my limit using the self-serve machines. Can I keep drinking? 

Once you've reached your limit on the self-serve machines, our staff may continue to serve you wine at their discretion. 

How do I use the self-serve dispensing machine? 

Insert your card into the slot, place your glass under the spout of your wine choice and push the button to dispense the wine. You may remove your card from the slot after dispensing is complete. Instructions will also be listed at the machines for your convenience. 

 What if I don't want to serve myself wine? 

Our employees would be happy to serve you wine! Our self-serve machines may be used by choice, not requirement.

Wine Card Usage

How do I purchase a self-serve wine card?

Head to our bar and ask an employee for a self-serve wine card. You are able to purchase and begin enjoying our self-serve machines within minutes! 

I lost my card. What do I do? 

If you lose your card, ask an employee for a replacement. A $2 service fee will be added to your total.

How do I pay for my food if I am using my self-serve wine card?

Food must be purchased separately from your self-serve wine card. We accept cash, credit or debit.

Loyalty Program

How do I join your loyalty program? 

You are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program upon purchasing a self-serve wine card. 

How does your loyalty program work? 

For every $1 spent on your wine card, you will receive 1 "pour point." Reach 500 "pour points" and receive $10 off your next visit!

How do I know how many pour points I have?

Your pour points will show at the bottom of your receipt. 

How do I redeem my pour points?  

Your pour points will be associated with your name in our point-of-sale system. When you collect enough pour points for redemption, your server will ask you if you would like to redeem your discount. 

What can I use my pour points for? 

You may use your pour points for any food and/or beverage.

Can I use my pour points and my wine club discounts together? 

No, you cannot stack discounts. If you have multiple redemptions with us, you must choose one to use on your current visit.

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