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Shatawn Brigham, Level I Sommelier

Favorite Wine Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Current Favorite Jazz Genre: Smooth & Neo-Soul

Shatawn Brigham is a multi-passionate educator, consultant, jazz buff, and most recently, Level I-certified wine sommelier. Shatawn and his wife Nadia are co-founders of both Brigham Consulting, LLC & GRNoir Wine & Jazz, and Shatawn also serves as Community Schools Coordinator with Kent School Services Network and Kentwood Public Schools. With over 20 years of professional experience in education and equity, Shatawn aims to bring his passions and training in these areas to GRNoir, by cultivating a welcoming space for folks of all backgrounds, and an approachable space to educate about the rich histories and cultures of wine and jazz.


Nadia Brigham

Favorite Wine Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Current Favorite Jazz Genre: Big Band & Traphouse

Nadia Brigham is principal of Brigham Consulting, LLC, and co-founder of GRNoir with her husband and business partner, Shatawn. Nadia is highly experienced and educated in equity and leadership training and education, and along with Shatawn, an avid fan of wine and jazz. With over 20 years of experience advancing racial equity,  leadership and community engagement in philanthropy, Nadia translates these principles and values to GRNoir's brand by welcoming folks of all backgrounds and experience levels with wine and jazz, encouraging a community of celebration of the rich histories and cultures of wine and jazz, and Black America's contributions to these spaces.


The GRNoir Collection is our exclusive, private label wine. It harmonizes wine with American jazz—born from the richness of Black culture—to create a space for laughter, love and storytelling. We invite you to open a bottle, turn on some jazz and share in the joy of good wine, music and conversation.

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