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Celebrate wine & jazz at GRNoir! 

GRNoir is a wine and jazz bar that exists to celebrate the Global and American cultures of wine and jazz. It's a place for joy, a space to laugh and love, to share stories and meet friends old and new.

It’s live music, a rich offering of global wines, surprising small plates and a welcoming place to learn more about wine, jazz and the people and places that gave birth to them.

We invite you to discover, smile, savor and admire the world and cultures of wine and jazz with us. All are welcome!



The GRNoir Collection is our exclusive, private label wine. It harmonizes wine with American jazz—born from the richness of Black culture—to create a space for laughter, love and storytelling. We invite you to open a bottle, turn on some jazz and share in the joy of good wine, music and conversation.

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